[Air-L] Calling Twitter Users

David Houghton d.j.houghton at bath.ac.uk
Wed Aug 26 05:46:13 PDT 2009

   Hi all,
   I'm conducting a short survey for users of Twitter as part of my PhD
   research into privacy and social interaction. Currently, I aim to
   determine linguistic differences between those that have open vs.
   closed Twitter accounts.
   So... If anybody uses Twitter and has, literally, a spare 4-5 mins,
   please go to
   Kind Regards


   David Houghton

   PhD Candidate,

   Information, Decisions & Operations,

   School of Management, University of Bath.

   [2]d.j.houghton at bath.ac.uk


   1. https://www.survey.bath.ac.uk/closedtweets
   2. mailto:d.j.houghton at bath.ac.uk

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