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Children's Book Collection from Apple's iPhone Educational Content for
the iPhone


November 19 2008 / College Park, MD


For immediate release 


COLLEGE PARK, MD - November 19, 2008 - The International Children's
Digital Library (ICDL) (http://www.childrenslibrary.org), which is the
world's largest collection of children's literature available freely on
the Internet, today announced the release of the ICDL for iPhone


Available free at Apple's iPhone App Store, the ICDL for iPhone
application allows users to take advantage of the advanced capabilities
of the iPhone and iPod Touch user interface to read a selection of books
from the ICDL's master collection, which today represents thousands of
children's stories from 60 countries. The children's books can be read
in their native language and in English.


The ICDL for iPhone application features ICDL's ClearText technology
which was designed to make it possible for users to read story text
clearly in the context of highly illustrated beautiful children's
picture books -- even on the small mobile screen. The ICDL for iPhone
application will be updated regularly as new books are made available. 


Additional features of the ICDL iPhone application include: 


Offline reading -- access the International Children's Library to read
on and offline 

Online reading -- linkage to the full ICDL collection which has over
3,000 titles in 48 languages representing 60 countries 

Simple navigation -- view books with engaging animations quickly 

One or two page view -- takes advantage of iPhone's "auto-rotation"

ClearText -- allowing exceptionally clear text in the context of highly
illustrated pages 


The ICDL iPhone application syncs via Wi-Fi or the user's cellular
network and downloads the latest featured children's books directly to
the device, giving children and parents access to content offline and in
airplane mode. Compatible with any iPhone or iPod Touch with operating
system version 2.0, the application was designed by International
Children's Digital Library Foundation with support from Zumobi and the
University of Maryland's Human-Computer Interaction Lab.




Links To Full News Release And iPhone App Available At 


[ http://tinyurl.com/lc8njo  ]


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