[Air-L] Trivial tweeting

Bernie Hogan bernie.hogan at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 08:00:07 PDT 2009

Hi Scott (and AoIRers),

I don't think 'worry' is the right word. I'm interested in the process
of norming these spaces. You are norming twitter right now by
suggesting that a certain kind of activity (in-app notifications) is
not good for the space. I tend to agree, and also think it is a
trivial use of the space.

Of course, the "simple" answer is 'don't follow!', but that's often a
suboptimal option. Often, I -want- to hear about someone, but I would
prefer a higher signal-to-noise ratio. Some people explicitly ask for
a higher signal to noise ratio, others complain to a third party
("gawd, she tweets SO much") and others just unfollow. I cannot say
which is the right course, but I know that they all happen, and that
they are all a part of the collective dynamics of defining and
communicating an appropriate use of this medium.

I recall a similar form of norming taking place on facebook, but there
the issue was "drunk pictures" rather than "what I had for lunch".
(OMG, I can't believe he put that picture, up!" or "what will my
employer [parent, spouse, kids] think", etc...). In both cases,
neither is to be taken literally, but as a metaphor for the kinds of
unwanted activities or concerns endemic to that space. Sidenote - what
do you (the royal AoIR you) think will be the common complaint about
Google Wave, cause we all know one is bound to emerge?

Take care,

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