[Air-L] Global Media Course Query

Ted Coopman ted.coopman at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 09:17:28 PDT 2009


I have just picked up a online class in Global Media and was looking for
textbook/journal article suggestions or syllabi for similar courses.
Ideally, any materials would be fresh (last few years) although older
foundational is good as well. It is an upper-division elective writing
course and other than that I can do almost anything I want with it (both
good and bad!). While I teach a variety of media/new media courses this is a
new one for me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to
contact me off list <ted.coopman at gmail.com>.



Ted M. Coopman Ph.D.
Department of Communication Studies
Department of Television, Radio, Film, & Theatre
San Jose State University

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