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Well, I do not have up-to-date evidence, but what I have is data telling us a bit what researchers liked or disliked about the communication in emailing lists in the year 2000. See the pre-print on my old-fashioned website:

Matzat, U. (in press). "Quality of Information in Academic Emailing Lists." in: Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology.

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> I was appalled by the Chronicle's article -- especially the headline -- on
> the putative death of e-lists such as this one.
> First, they gave no systematic evidence, just some anecdotes. Although the
> article was more nuanced than the headline: "on the one hand, on the other
> hand." Yet, still anecdotes.
> Second, they ignored the organizational ecology research that has shown
> that some organizations die and some get born all the time.
> Third, the posts by my fellow Canucks Catherine Middleton and Peter Timusk
> clearly showed the difference between 140 character Tweets (which I do a
> fair amount) and posts to this list (ibid). Both of their posts were too
> nuanced to be short tweets.
> Fourth, as Marc Smith can show you, even the older Bulletin Boards are
> still thriving.
> Indeed, my hunch is that each communication form adds on to the other,
> rather than displacing it, which is why I never get much writing done
> (today's excusive, anyway).
> Happy Canada Day to All (except Janet Napolitano),
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