[Air-L] Attention and new media

Patricia Lange pglange at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 6 09:33:24 PDT 2009

Hi Greg,

There's been some interesting work discussing the difficulty of attending to tasks require the same skills at the same time (e.g cognitive-cognitive; motor-motor; percpetual-perceptual). I have briefly discussed some of this work in a paper in which I propose the term "intertasking" to deal with instances in which it is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to conduct two tasks at the exact same time in online and offline milieu. Here is the reference:

"Interruptions and Intertasking in Distributed Knowledge Work” National Association of Practicing Anthropologists (NAPA) Bulletin, 30(1): 128-147, September 2008.

Hope it helps.

Would be great to hear about what you find.


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