[Air-L] IEEE Xplore Mobile Available / Other Mobile Access Databases/E-Journals/eBook Collections?

McKiernan, Gerard [LIB] gerrymck at iastate.edu
Sun Jul 19 09:49:41 PDT 2009


I have recently discovered that mobile access to the IEEE Xplore
database is now available

"IEEE Xplore Mobile provides free search of all IEEE Xplore documents
directly on your mobile device. You can view up to [only] TEN (10)
article abstracts per search. 

To view full-text articles, send the article links to your e-mail

IEEE Xplore Mobile Beta is viewable on all web-enabled mobile devices.
It has been optimized for newer mobile devices (i.e. Apple iPhone,
Blackberry Storm). When using older mobile devices (i.e. Blackberry
8360, Blackberry Curve), you may be able to choose "Internet Browser" as
your default browser in your device's options for optimal viewing. 

NOTE-1 >>> IEEE Xplore subscribers need to log-in to access the
full-text view of the article, and non-subscribers/guests need to
purchase the article to view the full-text version.
NOTE-2 >>> Seamless access appears to be available to institutional

NOTE-3>>> A link To The Main IEEE Xplore Site is provided from the
mobile 'Search' page ('Get your know-how on the go' .as well as from the
search results page.

Credit: Princeton University Library / Engineering Blog 


Access to all appropriate links is available from  [
http://tinyurl.com/ms47za  ]



I am greatly interested interested in learning of OTHER
vendors/publishers that curretnly provide or a planning to provide
mobile access to their respective databases and/or journal and/or e book

BTW: I am aware of the Vendors and Publishers section of the M-Libraries
section of  Meredith Farkas's Most Excellent _Library Success Best
Practices Wiki_ 

hers  ].

and the work of Bill Drew

Please Post Any/All Current or Planned Mobile Access Databases and/or
e-Journal and/or e Book collections As (A) Comment(s) On The Blog Entry
At [ http://tinyurl.com/mgeztm   ]


Thanks! And Happy Moonday [:-)] 




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