[Air-L] Need advice on webcrawler

Brenda L Battleson blb at buffalo.edu
Tue Jul 21 07:25:05 PDT 2009

Hello all,

I'm hoping that some of you expert data miners can give me some advice 
on software (preferably shareware) that can be used to search online 
news sites for specific topic-related keywords. These will not be 
limited to English language although at this time we are limiting to 
western alphabets. (We plan to expand once we fine-tune retrieval methods.)
We've used Google alerts in the past, for testing purposes though there 
are limitations as to what we can retrieve due to Google's built-in 
"parameters". We want to pull in everything related to physical and 
mental disabilities from tv & news sites, news-related blogs, health 
agency websites, etc.  We'll filter out the "junk" later.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. As I mentioned "free" 
would be ideal but I'll consider reasonably priced commercial products 
as well. (I'm a librarian, not a hedge fund manager, after all ;-) )

Thanks in advance for your help.


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