[Air-L] [CITASA] predominantly urban focus in internet research

Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 21 16:20:24 PDT 2009

Well I offer these as detective work clues:

  How did they find out psychologists mostly study undergraduate  
students because these are the easiest subjects for university  
researchers to find?

And more important why did health research focus on men and not women  
in say heart attack research.

I mean these of the same order of just common knowledge. So how did  
these facts of bias get established?

May be someone should research the question with a meta study of  
studies of the Internet.

In Canada bringing the Internet to rural areas is the reason for some  
new funding for the Canadian Internet Use Survey where one of my  
bosses Larry Mckeown puts of papers on rural internet stuff.

On 21-Jul-09, at 6:19 PM, Barry Wellman wrote:

> No one was able to point to an article that did a meta-analysis  
> showing
> (or not) a predominantly urban focus in internet research.
> So Jess Collins & I changed our sentence a bit.
> We did get many pointers to folks doing urban-rural comparisons or  
> rural
> focused internet research. Which was not what we were asking about,  
> but as
> they were copied to these lists, may well have been useful to some  
> -- as
> well as to us.
> I do wish people would relabel their subject lines if they are  
> responding
> to a somewhat different query.
> Anyway, our paper is done, and goes up on my website/publications -
> Connected Lives -- by Monday. Look for "Small Town in Internet  
> Society:
> Chapleau Is No Longer an Island"
> Cheers,
> Barry Wellman
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