[Air-L] research on older people's use of social networking sites

Denise N. Rall denrall at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 26 23:37:02 PDT 2009

Here's a chapter from a recent book on ICTs in Europe, follow the *****

Anderson, B., M. Brynin, et al., Eds. (2007). Information and Communications Technologies in Society: E-living in a Digital Europe. Abingdon, Oxon, Routledge.

	Brynin, Anderson & Raban
Trends in ICTs and future forecasts	
	Yoel Raban
Digital Divides and Choices Reconfiguring Access: National and Cross- 
National Patterns of Internet Diffusion and Use	
	Bill Dutton and Adrian Shepherd
The social impact of broadband internet in the home
	Yoel Raban and Ben Anderson
The Mysterious East: Pluses and Minuses in the E-Europe Equation
	Maria Bakardjieva
Gender and ICTs: implications for policy and strategy
	Tal Sofer and Yoel Raban
**********ICT use and the elderly - cohort, lifestage or just irrelevant?	
	Deborah Diduca, Caroline Partridge, Jeroen Heres
UK Children Go Online: A child-centred approach to the experience of  
using the internet	
	Sonia Livingstone

Web use & Net nerds
	J Gershuny

Telework Transitions and the Quality of Life	
	Ben Anderson and Birgitte Yttri

Informal Social Capital and ICTs	
	Rich Ling

Social Capital, Quality of Life and Information and Communication  
	Ben Anderson

Civic participation and ICTs	
	Jeroen Heres and Frank Thomas

ICTs and growth potential	
	Jochen Dehio

The Relative Gains From Computer Usage And Skills: A Gender Perspective	
	Malcolm Brynin

The use of ICT in the workplace: opening the black box	
	Bram Steijn & Kea Tijdens

What does telework tell us about teleworkers?
	Leslie Haddon and Malcolm Brynin

Have Information and Communication Technologies Changed the Patterns  
of High-Skilled Migration?
	Michael Rothgang and Christoph M. Schmidt

Electronic waste and dematerialisation	
	Alberto Pasquini and Lorenzo Vicario

Sustainable business in the digital society
	Vidhya Alakeson and James Goodman

Conclusion: A slow start?
	J Gershuny

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> Subject: [Air-L] research on older people's use of social networking sites
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> I wonder if anyone on this site is
> doing research on older people's (60+ yrs) use of social
> networking sites (e.g. facebook, myspace), or if you know of
> any such work.  If so, I'd like to hear from you.
> with best wishes,
> Dr Virpi Ylanne
> Centre for Language and Communication
> Cardiff University,
> Wales, UK
> ylanne at cf.ac.uk
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