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6th Annual League of Worlds Colloquium:
Online Simulations, Role-playing, and Virtual Worlds
November 2-6 2009

LoW6 Conference Theme:
Virtual worlds in education and society: critical, innovative 
perspectives and practices
2009 Location: Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands
Erik Duval, Professor, computer science department of the Katholieke 
Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Conference Chairs: Roberto Muffoletto (roberto.muffoletto at gmail.com) and 
Helen Hintjens (hintjens at iss.nl)
Colloquium Partners: League of Worlds, EPN (Electronic Platform of The 
Netherlands); Institute of Social Studies; Sofos Consultancy

Call for presentations (papers and multimedia)
Virtual worlds are increasingly gaining global appeal and application. 
As acceptance of virtual worlds becomes more widespread, what may be the 
effect on educational and social environments? How does using virtual 
worlds affect how we think about and understand, as well as design 
virtual and real social environments? As a form of technological 
innovation, are virtual worlds subject to the same flux as other forms 
of economic and educational activity? What are the implications and 
lessons for innovations in virtual worlds in terms of methods and modes 
of communication, potential for collaboration, and the recreation and 
creation of new forms of pedagogic applications of such worlds? Will 
growth and development of virtual worlds continue; will reductions in 
budgets restrict innovations, or is there a danger of shutting down 
globalized opportunities for learning and interaction?
This year, the LOW conference will consider how virtual worlds are going 
global, addressing new educational and social themes and possibilities. 
This year we are inviting presentations and exchanges that reflect on 
the present in light of the past, and outline some prospects for the 
future. Questions addressing “What did we learned from a decade of 
virtual worlds?”; “Will new, more horizontal forms of educational, 
social and cultural interaction emerge?”; “Which kinds of platforms and 
worlds have been able to sustain themselves, and which cannot survive?”; 
and “What are the implications for future possibilities?”, are a few of 
the questions that need to be addressed as we explore how virtual worlds 
‘translate’ into real-time settings in the global North and South as we 
work with less advantaged groups in society.
In additional to traditional papers to present positions and arguments, 
LOW is encouraging authors to present their position or argument in a 
multimedia format. To select this format is “not” to create an 
illustration but to construct and deliver a position/argument in a 
non-linear form.
Colloquium Design and Format
This year the colloquium is designed to encourage and support discussion 
and engagement by all participants. Sessions are to be organized as 
mini-panels, linking presentations along similar themes. Each 
presentation will involve a respondent, whose role is to reflect and 
initiate responses and discussion. Presenters have 15 minutes to present 
their ideas (broadband is available), and time will be made for full 
discussion. The size of the colloquium will be limited to around 50 
participants to facilitate meaningful interaction. The language of 
communication is English.
** Papers will be published in the LOW proceedings and do not need to be 
read out in full. Authors are invited to present a brief summary of 
their arguments, with illustrations or a demonstration if required.

Proposal categories
The League of Worlds colloquium is designed to support the sharing of 
meaningful reflections on practices, designs and their wider social 
implications. Participants share experiences, insights, lessons and 
demonstrate the various technologies involved. Also central this year is 
an invitation to think critically, perhaps to rethink, what working with 
virtual worlds entails in a broader sense for social and educational 
learning and practice. Papers that reflect, in light of virtual worlds, 
on concepts including identity, social justice, conflict resolution, 
‘emotional’ literacy and power relations in a globalizing world, will be 
particularly welcome. In addition, the place of virtual worlds in wider 
pedagogic goals and approaches will be another central theme.
The LOW Colloquium review committee will be particularly interested in 
submissions on the following themes:
1. Design and collaboration in Virtual Learning Environments (VLE).
2. The role of the facilitator/ teacher and learner in the VLE
3. Analyzing the learning experience
4. Gaming and role-playing design
5. Pushing the boundaries: socializing new technologies in VLE
6. Globalizing the use of VLE: Issues for Social and Development Studies
7. Critical perspectives on VLE and Social Change
8. Visions and projections for the future of VLE and the social uses of 
virtual worlds
9. Recent developments and visions for the future
Proposal Submission
* Submit a short Summary statement, stating how your presentation 
relates to one of the themes listed above. The statement should be no 
longer than 150 words long, and should explain the focus and purpose of 
the presentation/paper. Authors need to provide with their proposal a 
number of discussion questions.
* Authors need to be listed with contact information. Main author should 
be noted.
* Submitted proposals are double blind peer-reviewed.
* Proposals need to be submitted as word RTF files to the conference 
chair at: roberto.muffoletto at gmail.com

Presentation Format

* Final papers need to be submitted in an accessible format (RTF). 
Papers should range between 2000- 4000 words (6 - 10 pages).
* Multimedia works should be submitted via ftp or a link provided.
* References should be in the author’s tradition.
* Accepted presentations, the colloquium program, and a list of 
attendees and their proposals will be published on the League of Worlds 
2009 Colloquium website.

Important Dates
Paper/multimedia works abstract proposal submission:
Summary, points for discussion and relevant conference theme.
June 15th, 2009
Notification of Acceptance : July 15, 2009
Conference fee deadline* all presenters must be registered by this date.
September 1 2009
Final paper/multimedia works (for proceedings) due no later than:
15 September 2009
* Due to limiting participants to 50, participants will be registered on 
a first-come, first-served basis. Priority will be given to those 
presenting papers. Non-presenting attendees will be registered where 
spaces remain.
Questions and Inquires:

Questions concerning the 2009 LOW-6 Colloquium need to be addressed to 
one of the chairpersons:
Helen Hintjens hintjens at iss.nl
Roberto Muffoletto roberto.muffoletto at gmail.com
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Send an email from your account to: leagueofworlds-subscribe at yahoogroups.com
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* you will receive a confirmation email

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