[Air-L] Fwd: 6th Annual Personal Democracy Forum (PdF) to Feature Preeminent Minds and Practitioners in Politics, The Internet and New Media

Steve Jones sjones at uic.edu
Thu Jun 4 09:26:45 PDT 2009

6th Annual Personal Democracy Forum (PdF) to Feature Preeminent Minds  
and Practitioners in Politics, The Internet and New Media


Keynoters Include: Frank Rich, Vivek Kundra, danah boyd, Craig  
Newmark, Jack Dorsey, Esther Dyson, Mark McKinnon, Susan Crawford,  
Nate Silver, Todd Herman, Jeff Jarvis, Joe Rospars and Many More

Sponsors Include:

AT&T, Google, Meetup, The Bivings Group, Mobile Commons and EchoDitto

New York, NY—June 2008—On Monday, June 29th, and Tuesday, June 30th,  
2009, America’s foremost leaders and luminaries from all segments of  
the Internet, new media and political arenas will converge in New York  
at Lincoln Center, Frederick P. Rose Hall, for the 6th annual Personal  
Democracy Forum(www.personaldemocracy.com/conference).  Personal  
Democracy Forum is the world’s largest conference examining how  
technological advances and Internet trends are reinventing politics,  
democracy, society and government.

Now in its sixth year, the two day event will be the most  
comprehensive to date, as an unprecedented cross-partisan roster of  
more than 1,000 opinion makers, political practitioners,  
technologists, journalists and bloggers converge to network, exchange  
ideas and explore the explosion of voter-generated content in 2008;  
the prospects for a new kind of e-democracy and collaborative  
governance; and all the ways the Internet, social networks, and mobile  
communications are fostering more transparency, accountability and  
innovation. This year’s theme is“We.gov,” focusing attention on how  
people are using the Internet and interactive communications  
technologies to transform governance through political campaigns,  
media, and civic action. Individuals can receive conference updates  
and share ideas with the organizers thru twitter.com/pdf2009.

"The Obama campaign and the election of 2008 ended the argument as to  
whether the Internet matters in politics. Now the political and media  
establishments are rushing to catch up to and define what democracy in  
the 21stcentury will be,” said Andrew Rasiej, founder and executive  
producer of the Personal Democracy Forum. “Technology is changing  
civic society in ways that are challenging politicians, advocates, and  
organizations across the political spectrum to rethink their entire  
strategy for success.”

“The new question we’re tackling this year is ‘Can we .gov, and  
how?’,” added Micah Sifry, PdF’s curator and the editor of  
techPresident.com.  “After an election that saw an explosion of mass  
participation in all aspects of the process, now net-powered citizens  
expect to engage similarly with their government—how is Washington  
responding? We’re going to hear from top public officials from both  
sides of the aisle, as well as top activists, who are all at the  
leading edge of answering this question.”

The five main thematic tracks to be covered at PdF 2009, include:
·         State-of-the-art online politics and advocacy
·         Exploring and defining government 2.0
·         New organizing opportunities, tools and challenges.
·         How to best build community and raise money online with  
social media
·         The future of political journalism, blogging and networked  

Participants of the 2009 PdF include:
·         David All, David All Group

·         David Almacy, Bush White House

·         Davar Ardalan, NPR Weekend Edition

·         James Assey, NCTA

·         Jason Barnett, TheUptake.org

·         Michael Bassik, Air America

·         Gina Bianchini, Ning.com

·         Eric Boehlert, author, The Bloggers on the Bus

·         Becky Bond, CREDO Mobile

·         danah boyd, Microsoft Research

·         David Burch, TubeMogul

·         Sheila Campbell, USA.gov

·         Andy Carvin, NPR social media desk

·         Steven Clift, e-democracy.org

·         Mike Connery, Future Majority

·         Cheryl Contee, Fission Strategies

·         Ana Marie Cox, Air America

·         Susan Crawford, White House National Economic Council

·         Ken Deutsch, Morningside Analytics

·         Jack Dorsey, Twitter

·         Vincent Ducrey, Government of France

·         Esther Dyson

·         Dr. Mark Elliott, Collabforge

·         Kety Esquivel, National Council of La Raza

·         Ali Felski, Sunlight Labs

·         Allison Fine, author, Momentum

·         Mindy Finn, Romney ‘08

·         Fabrice Florin, NewsTrust.net

·         Susannah Fox, Pew Internet Center

·         Judith Freeman, New Organizing Institute

·         Eric Frenchman,  McCain '08

·         Jim Gilliam, WhiteHouse2.org

·         Dan Gillmor, Center for Citizen Media

·         Keli Goff, author, Party-Crashing

·         Heather Gold, comedian/activist

·         Scott Goodstein, Obama ‘08

·         Peter Greenberger, Google

·         Steve Grove, YouTube

·         Max Harper, Obama ‘08

·         Tristan Harris, Apture

·         Todd Herman, Republican National Committee

·         James Heywood, Patients Like Me

·         Ilyse Hogue, MoveOn.org

·         Jeanne Holm, NASA.gov

·         Sara Holoubek, TEMPO

·         Andrew Hoppin, NYSenate.gov

·         Tara Hunt, author, The Whuffie Factor

·         Sujatha Jahagirdar, USPIRG

·         Jeff Jarvis, Buzzmachine

·         Clay Johnson, Sunlight Labs

·         Dave Karpf, University of Pennsylvania

·         Kate Kaye, ClickZ

·         Abby Kirigin, TipJoy

·         Josh Koster, Chong Designs

·         Gwynne Kostin, Dept. of Homeland Security

·         Cyrus Krohn, Republican National Committee

·         Vivek Kundra, CIO, U.S. Govt

·         Heather Lauer, The Pickens Plan

·         Roz Lemieux, Fission Strategies

·         Stan Magniant, Linkfluence

·         Liz Mair, Republican National Committee

·         Mark McKinnon, McCain ‘08

·         Ari Melber, The Nation

·         Amanda Michel, ProPublica

·         Ellen Miller, Sunlight Foundation

·         Greg Miller, Open Source Digital Voting Foundation

·         David Moore, OpenCongress.org

·         Janice Nall, Centers for Disease Control

·         Craig Newmark, Craigslist

·         Rasmus Nielsen, Columbia University

·         Beth Noveck, WH Office of Science and Technology Policy

·         Mark Pesce, digital anthropologist

·         Maria Teresa Peterson, Voto Latino

·         Frank Rich, The New York Times

·         Diane Rinaldo, TPM Media

·         Amanda Rose, Twestival

·         Scott Rosenberg, author, Say Everything

·         Joe Rospars, Obama '08

·         Alec Ross, U.S. State Department

·         Patrick Ruffini, The Next Right

·         Douglas Rushkoff, author, Life Inc.

·         Blake Rutherford, Blake's Think Tank

·         Leslie Sanchez, CNN

·         Nancy Scola, techPresident

·         Clay Shirky, New York University

·         Nate Silver, Fivethirtyeight.com

·         Josh Silver, Free Press

·         Scott Simon, NPR Weekend Edition

·         Rachel Sklar, Abrams Research

·         Brian Stelter, The New York Times

·         Jed Sundwall, Captura Group

·         Tanya Tarr, AFSCME

·         Sean Tevis, candidate for Kansas state rep

·         Baratunde Thurston, The Onion

·         Dave Troy, TwitterVision

·         Karen Tumulty, Time

·         Michael Turk, NCTA

·         Andrew Turner, geoCommons

·         Jose Vargas, The Washington Post

·         David Weinberger, Berkman Center

·         Nicola Wells, Center for Community Change

·         Michael Wesch, Kansas State University

·         Marcy Wheeler, FireDogLake.com

·         Deanna Zandt, digital activist

·         Todd Ziegler, Bivings Group

·         Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook

·         Surprise Guests, TBA

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