[Air-L] conference announcement - GDC09, Aarhus, Denmark

Charles Ess charles.ess at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 03:40:28 PDT 2009

While this CFP does not directly address the internet and related topics, it
seems to me that surely AoIR-ists will have some significant contributions
to add?  
Hope to see you in Aarhus!
- c.

Call for Papers--Submission Deadline: July 15 Abstracts

Global Dialogue Conference Series
November 3-6, Aarhus, Denmark

An international, interdisciplinary research conference:
<http://www.globaldialogueconference.org/> www.globaldialogueconference.org

GDC09 is an integrated four-track meeting for researchers, journalists,
educators, and business representatives.

Climate change requires globally concerted initiatives that cannot be
motivated by direct practical self-interest and economic incentives alone.
The aim of this conference is to compare conceptions of ecological
responsibility across cultures (and religions), and to explore the role of
intercultural value studies for the development, communication, and
practical implementation of new models of future-oriented and collective
responsibility. GDC09 is the first of a series of five biannual
international interdisciplinary conferences presenting and promoting
intercultural dialogue on values, as a means of proactive conflict
mitigation and social innovation.  The conference will conclude with the
bestowal of the Global Dialogue Prize  (www.globaldialogueprize.org
<http://www.globaldialogueprize.org/> ).

We invite submissions of research contributions from the areas of
philosophy, political science, psychology, anthropology, theology/ religious
studies, sociology, conflict research, education, journalism and media
science, management, organization, and finance theory.

Please submit abstracts (500 words) by July 15. Please see conference
webpage for timeline and guidelines of submisssion and publication venues.

Possible topics to be addressed in the JOURNALISM TRACK:

€ When and under what circumstances does climate change
become a news item?
€ What type of actors and themes can attract the attention of
journalists and get climate change onto the news agenda?
€ How does environmental journalism operate and how does it
affect changes in individual behavior and public policy?
€ Is it possible to build a global public and what role can and should
local media play in this effort?
€ At a time where scientists disagree amongst themselves and very
few journalists have a thorough scientific understanding of the
issues, how can we be sure that the information in the media is
both accurate and adequate?
€ What is the appropriate role of journalists when reporting on
industries offering market-based solutions to climate problems?
€ Can peace journalism help to prevent ³climate conflicts², i.e.,
social conflicts due to climate change?
€ Do journalists carry increasing responsibility for intercultural
communication and if so, how will it affect the goals of journalism?


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