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Thomas Ploug ploug at hum.aau.dk
Wed Jun 10 13:50:55 PDT 2009

Dear all

Please allow me to announce my book most recently made available by  
Springer (Dordrecht Heidelberg London New York):


Ethics in Cyberspace focuses on the consequences for ethical agency of  
mediating interaction by means of computers, seeking to clarify how  
the conditions of certain kinds of interaction in cyberspace (for  
example, in chat-rooms and virtual worlds) differ from the conditions  
of interaction face-to-face and how these differences may come to  
affect the behaviour of interacting agents in terms of ethics.

▶ Addresses issues of life on the net
▶ Advances original views as to key determinants of life on the net
▶ Examines the ethical consequences of interacting on the net rather  
than face-to-face
▶ Applies advanced philosophical analysis in the study of life on the  

More info on  http://springer.com/978-90-481-2369-8

Table of contents may be found at http://www.springer.com/computer/general/book/978-90-481-2369-8?detailsPage=toc

Best regards,

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