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A Major/Major Development !




>>Treasures Move From Library Shelves to the iPhone With New DukeMobile


New applications offer a range of university materials, services


Durham, NC -- Scholars and students who once had to travel to museums or
libraries to view collections of historic images can now do so by
clicking on their mobile device instead. 


With the launch of DukeMobile 1.1, the Duke University Libraries now
offers the most comprehensive university digital image collection
specifically formatted for an iPhone or iTouch device. It includes
thousands of photos and other artifacts that range from early beer
advertisements to materials on San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury scene in
the 1960s. 


Although a growing number of scholarly institutions offer images and
other material online, Duke is the first to offer collections that take
advantage of the iPhone's design, navigation and other features. 


Duke University Libraries offers mobile users digital materials from 20
collections -- about 32,000 images overall -- covering women's history,
early American sheet music, Duke history and other topics. The libraries
will add new collections regularly as they become available.


"Making these collections available for the iPhone and similar devices
is important not only to extend access to Duke's collections, but also
as a milestone in the evolution of academic libraries from traditional
print repositories to institutions that embrace new technology for
sharing their rich resources with broader audiences," said university
librarian Deborah Jakubs.


"Duke believes in putting its knowledge in service to society, and we
are making a major commitment to reach well beyond our campus by placing
our collections literally into people's hands." <<


Access to The Full Press Release, Blog Entry, An Impressive YouTube
Demo, and The App Are Available From 


[ http://tinyurl.com/n9nue7  ]


BTW-1: IF You Or Your Library or Institution/Organization Have Developed
A Mobile App (Or Two / Three / Four /Etc) To Access Your Local OPAC,
Collections, Services, Etc., I'd Appreciate Learning About It / These;
Please Note As A Comment On The Blog Entry


[I Am Aware of Merideth Farkas's Most Excellent 'M-Libraries' Section in
Her Library Success Wiki]


BTW-2: Thanks To Sean Aery / Web Designer / Digital Projects Department
/ Duke University Libraries For The HeadsUp !






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