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Tanya Rabourn tanya at pixelcharmer.com
Thu Jun 25 18:00:22 PDT 2009


> I’m currently looking into the area of information literacy for my  
> research
> masters. Only just starting to get into it I’ve read a couple of  
> books and
> journal articles, just wondering if anyone can recommend any  
> readings which
> I should be looking at.

I have a few references that may help you grapple with the underlying  
epistemology and politics of information literacy programs:

Kapitzke, Cushla (2003). Information literacy: a positivist  
epistemology and a politics of outformation. Educational Theory,  
53(1), 37-53.

Lloyd, Annemaree (2005). Information literacy: Different contexts,  
different concepts, different truths? Journal of Librarianship and  
Information Science, 37(2), 82-88.

Lloyd, Annemaree (2006). Information literacy landscapes: an emerging  
picture. Journal of Documentation, 62(5), 570-583.

Sundin, Olof (2008). Negotiations on information-seeking expertise: A  
study of web-based tutorials for information literacy. Journal of  
Documentation, 64, 24-44.


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