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As promised, here are the sources people suggested to me in response to my
query about research on new technology and public & private space.  I've
excluded the ones that were in the bibliography of sources that I'm using in
my current book (and/or used in my last one) that I posted to air-l a few
days ago.  Several of these I had already looked at and/or have, some I was
aware of but hadn't looked at, and some were new to me.  Because I mostly
just copied and pasted these from email messages, this list is in no
particular order and uses no format or style.  Apologies for that.

There are several suggestions that I will be looking at as I write what is
supposed to be my brief (ha) summary chapter, and in further revisions to
the rest of the manuscript.  Thanks so much to everyone!


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The first chapter of _Publics and Counterpublics_ by Michael Warner and his
_Trouble with Normal_

Erving Goffman, _Relations in Public_

Julie Cohen, "Cyberspace As/And Space," _Columbia Law Review_, 2007.

Chris Kelty, _Two Bits_

Douglas Thomas, _Hacker Culture_

Bryan Pfaffenberger, "'If I Want It, It¹s OK': Usenet and the (Outer)
Limits of Free Speech," _The information Society_, 1996.

Baron, Naomi S. and Ylva Hard af Segerstad (in press), "Cross-cultural
patterns in mobile phone use:
Public space and reachability in Sweden, the US, and Japan", _New Media &

Keith N Hampton, Oren Livio, & Lauren F. Sessions, "The Social Life of
Wireless Urban Spaces: Internet Use, Social Networks, and the Public Realm,"
forthcoming, _Journal of Communication_.

Rohan Samarajiva & Peter Shields, "Telecommunication networks as social
space: implications for research and policy and an exemplar," Media, Culture
& Society, Vol. 19, No. 4, 535-555 (1997)

Greg Downey's "Telegraph Messenger Boys," 2002; and his co-edited a 2004
anthology.  Info on both at

danah boyd's dissertation at

Helen Nissenbaum's paper "Privacy as Contextual Integrity",

Fran Tonkiss's book "Space, the City and Social Theory" (Polity, 2005)

Robert Sommer.  Personal Space: The Behavioral Basis of Design

Humphreys, L. (2005). "Social topography in a wireless era: The
negotiation of public and private space." Journal of Technical Writing
and Communication. 35(3): 367-384.

Humphreys, L.  (2005). "Cellphones in public: Social interaction in a
wireless era." New Media & Society. 7(6): 813-836.

Anna McCarthy, Ambient Television, Duke, 2001

Anna McCarthy & Nick Couldry, MediaSpace, Routledge, 2004

NOW/HERE: Space, Time and Modernity, Roger Friedland and Deidre Boden,
particularly "The Compulsion of Proximity," Boden&Molotch.

CULTURE POWER PLACE Exploration in Critical Anthropology, Gupta and Ferguson

Janet Sternberg's dissertation, "Misbehavior in Cyber Places: The Regulation
of Online Conduct in Virtual Communities on the Internet"

Shani Orgad's book, _Storytelling Online: Talking Breast Cancer on the
Internet_ (Peter Lang, 2005)

Lars Qvortrup (ed.), _Virtual Space_

John Monberg's online bibliography, which includes several space/place
sources: https://www.msu.edu/~jmonberg/cmcbib.html

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