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Charles Ess charles.ess at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 05:32:55 PDT 2009

Thanks to Line Lundh for pointing me towards this recent EU opinion:

Opinion 5/2009 on online social networking
Adopted on 12 June 2009


To quote from the Summary:

Key recommendations focus on the obligations of SNS providers to conform
with the Data Protection Directive and to uphold and strengthen the rights
of users. Of paramount importance, SNS providers should inform users of
their identity from the outset and outline all the different purposes for
which they process personal data. Particular care should be taken by SNS
providers with regard to the processing of the personal data of minors. The
Opinion recommends that users should only upload pictures or information
about other individuals, with the individual¹s consent and considers that
SNS also have a duty to advise users regarding the privacy rights of others.

Should make for interesting discussion!

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