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darkmatter Journal - http://www.darkmatter101.org/

Special Issue - Call for Papers: Pirates and Piracy

Once consigned to the romance of film and literature, the figure of the
pirate has a renewed cultural presence. From solicitous debates around
intellectual property to the recent maritime hijackings off the Horn of
Africa, piracy looms large in the twenty-first century. This special issue
of darkmatter seeks to engage critically with the politics of piracy. As in
the 17th and 18th centuries, piracy today is an activity that often takes
place at the so-called periphery of metropolitan capitalism. Piracy
challenges the primitive accumulation and wage labour discipline of
capitalism at large, while recapitulating and amplifying its violence. This
special issue is interested in work that explores how and why modern piracy
emerges against the backdrop of neo/colonial relations of production.

Possible topics might include:

* Piracy as the expression/outside of global capitalism;
* Piracy and inter/transnational law, property rights and human rights;
* Piracy and the War on Terror;
* Media piracy and the geopolitics of the culture industry;
* The pirate as a celebrated and reviled figure of rebellion and
neo/colonial resistance;
* Outlaws, pirates and poachers in media studies, cultural studies and
* Freebooters, pirates and buccaneers, and their place in capitalist and
neo/colonial relations of production;
* The cultural politics of race, digital reproduction and p2p file-sharing
* Racialized representations and performativity of the pirate and piracy in
film, animation, art and literature
* The pirate as a figure of trangressive dis/ability.

Articles between 1,500 - 8,000 words are welcome, as are alternative format
submissions such as commentaries, reviews, audio, visual and digital
contributions. Please submit an 300 - 500 word abstract if you are

For darkmatter's editorial policy and online submission information:
For further inquiries about the 'Pirates and Piracy' special issue, email
Andrew Opitz (Guest Editor): opit0010 at umn.edu

Deadline for Abstracts: 1 May 2009
Deadline for Articles: 1 Sept 2009
Publication date: Nov 2009

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