[Air-L] myBlogS 2009 - Malaysian Blog Survey

Julian Hopkins j at julianhopkins.net
Tue Mar 17 05:58:26 PDT 2009

Hello All,

Apologies for any cross posting; this is just to inform you of an online
survey that forms part of my PhD research for Monash University. 

The focus of the research is the monetisation of the Malaysian blogosphere.
It is for anyone who reads Malaysian blogs - I assume that does not include
most of the people on this list, but I would be grateful if you forward this
information on to anyone you think may fit that category :)

You can access it here - www.budurl.com/myblogs2009, and get more
information here - http://julianhopkins.net.
It will take about 5-10 minutes for a blog reader, or 10-15 minutes for a
blogger, and will remain online until the 10th April.

Any feedback or comments are also most welcome.

Thanks and regards,


Blog: www.julianhopkins.net
Skype: julhop
IM: jfprhopkins at hotmail.com

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