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Jo Pierson jo.pierson at vub.ac.be
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Book: 'Innovating for and by users'

Edited by Jo Pierson, Enid Mante-Meijer, Eugène Loos and Bartolomeo  

EU Publications Office - COST298 - ISBN 978-92-898-0047-1

The book looks at socio-technological transitions and shifting roles  
of users in the design and innovation of broadband technologies and  
digital media. The different chapters aim to shed more light on the  
‘black box’ of design and use of ICTs. In this way we hope to  
contribute to the empowerment of people in their relationship(s) with  
new media and - through this - to increase the quality of social life.  
The title ‘Innovating for and by users’ refers to insights on how to  
innovate by involving users more intensely in the design of  
technological innovations, which can lead to innovations that create  
more benefits for these users. The different authors deliver a timely  
reality check on the current information society in Europe from a  
users’ perspective, in a general (theoretical) sense as well as in  
specific domains (digital television, e-publishing, care sector...).  
This is done in an interdisciplinary way by integrating social science  
views and engineering approaches. The findings are based on academic  
and industry-driven digital media research in various European  

For more information on this book, please visit: http://smit.vub.ac.be/ifbu

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