[Air-L] announcing blog on 'hot topics' in innovation studies

Yanuar Nugroho yanuar-n at unisosdem.org
Tue Mar 31 04:32:11 PDT 2009

Dear all at AIR-List

Just to let you know, and to invite you to visit, a blog part of an EU 
initiative on innovation studies.
Please see below.

All best,

Get Involved- join us on our Innovation policy blog!

INNO-GRIPS, part of the PRO-INNO Europe initiative, aims to provide an 
accessible pool of knowledge on and for innovation policy-making, 
business innovation and academic discussions, by providing a platform 
for open discussion to foster intellectual debate and provide workshop 
settings for future developments.

In order to communicate ongoing GRIPS projects, relevant news and to 
initiate discussion within and beyond the innovation policy field, we 
have created a blog portal at http://inno-grips.portals.mbs.ac.uk where 
we update our research progress and post news and discussion topics of 
interest. We invite you to comment, discuss, criticise, or give input. 
Your interaction is welcomed!

Read, comment, and link to our blog at http://inno-grips.portals.mbs.ac.uk

Thanks in advance!

INNO-GRIPS blog moderators
Yanuar Nugroho yanuar.nugroho at manchester.ac.uk
Jennifer Hayden jennifer.hayden at mbs.ac.uk

Dr. Yanuar Nugroho
Research Associate
Manchester Institute of Innovation Research - MIoIR/PREST
The University of Manchester
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