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Lois Ann Scheidt lscheidt at umail.iu.edu
Fri Mar 6 04:23:44 PST 2009

I am the student member of the Indiana University IRB. I am a voting member
of the board. To hold this position you must be a graduate student. 

We also have two community members who have voting rights...they represent
those outside the university who may become part of our research.

Additionally we have non-voting members who regularly attend our meetings -
computer services and legal. Others are called in as needed.


Lois Ann Scheidt
Doctoral Student - School of Library and Information Science, Indiana
University, Bloomington IN USA
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Blog:  http://www.professional-lurker.com

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At a meeting of our IRB today a question came up that I thought I 
would ask of the list. It involves human subjects, which has been a 
topic on this list at various times.

Since many of our human subjects are students, and there is a general 
requirement of IRB's to include representation of subject populations 
on IRB's, one of the members suggested that it might be appropriate 
to appoint a student member to the IRB. Another person said he had 
never heard of an IRB that had student members. This generated some 
interesting discussion of the pro's and con's of student representation.

Are any of you aware of an IRB that includes students? You can reply 
off-list, if you want. If there is interest, I can summarize replies 
on-list later.

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