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I have tried to find #3 on your website but to no avail.  Where specifically does it reside?


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>>> Barry Wellman <wellman at chass.utoronto.ca> 03/28/09 7:17 PM >>>
All up on my webpage

1. Barry Wellman, "I was a Wikiwarrior for Barack Obama." Short fun piece.
Huffington Post was going to blog it, but then they haven't done anything
for a month, and don't answer emails. Make me a publn offer.

2. Wenhong Chen and Barry Wellman, "Net and Jet." How transnational
Canadian-Chinese entrepreneurs network by land, air and ether. Based
on Wenhong's dissertation. Coming out in Information, Communication
and Society June 2009.

3. Barry Wellman. "Studying Internet Studies Through the Ages." A short
piece that updates my Three Ages of Internet Studies. Coming out in the
Blackwell Handbook of Internet Studies.

4. Diana Mok, Barry Wellman, and Juan-Antonio Carrasco, "Does Distance
Still Matter in the Age of the Internet?" The answer is yes for
relationships, but not for email itself. Based on Connected Lives data.
Due out in Urban Studies: late 2009 or early 2010.

5. Juan-Antonio Carrasco, Barry Wellman and Eric Miller. 2008. "How Far -
and With Whom - Do People Socialize? Empirical Evidence about Distance
between Social Network Members." Transportation Research Record: 2076:
114-122. Travel analysis based on Connected Lives data. Shows the
interplay of email and face-to-face contact.

6. Rochelle Côté, Gabriele Plickert and Barry Wellman. 2009 "Does the
Golden Rule, Rule?" Pp. 49-71 in Contexts of Social Capital: Social
Networks in Markets, Communities and Families, edited by Ray-May Hsung,
Nan Lin and Ronald Breiger. London: Routledge. Based on the second East
York -- the first (we know of) social network analysis of who reciprocates
with what. Finds direct exchange (tit-for-tit) beats indirect

7. Ben Veenhof, Barry Wellman, Carsten Quell and Bernie Hogan. 2008. "How
Canadians' Use of the Internet Affects Social Life and Civic
Participation". Connectedness report series: F0004M-16, December 4, 2008.
29 pp. http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/56f0004m/56f0004m2008016-eng.pdf.
Uses very large Statistics Canada national surveys (and some Connected
Lives data) to analyze time use, civic involvement and internet use.

 Barry Wellman

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