[Air-L] research papers on computer viruses

Denise N. Rall denrall at yahoo.com
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Stefano -

I actually think this is a really good question.  The Open Source movement deals a lot with issues of trust. See the Open Source group at MIT which used to publish a great deal to this list:
Subject: [Air-l] New papers on freesoftware.mit.edu | opensource.mit.edu

also Matt Ratto did an interesting presentation in this area a while ago that related to trust and open source. You definitely want to look at his papers (not necessarily this one):
Ratto, M. (2004). Why is this penguin angry? Linux, social values and emotional attachments. Internet Research 5.0: Ubiquity?, University of Sussex, Association of Internet Researchers.

So there's plenty of evidence about trust of various kinds fostered (or not) by internet-based interactions in Open Source and also in the Surveillance research  Lyon, D. and E. Zureik, Eds. (1996). Computers, surveillance, and privacy. Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press.
but none I know about viruses.

However, I would look at the journal: Journal of Computer Information Systems 
It is online and should be very helpful.

For trust & ICTs there is a classic chapter:
Perolle, J. (1991). Conversations and trust in computer interfaces. Computerization and controversy: Value conflicts and social choices. R. Kling and C. Dunlop. Boston, Academic Press: 350-363.
The second edition was printed in 1996, and there may be later work from Perolle that might be useful to you.

Cheers, Denise	


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Hi All,

during the past weeks I observed how the list is a powerful resource
for knowing about the up to date Internet research.

I was wondering.
Can someone point me to interesting research papers on the theme of
"Computer Viruses", from social-cultural-media points of view.

This will be used for a research on "Trust" & ICT that I'm currently conducting.



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