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T. Kennedy tkennedy at netwomen.ca
Tue Nov 3 06:01:37 PST 2009

Interesting 'discussion' & statements made about Twitter/Facebook status

A couple points I want to make:
-not every technology is for everyone: we can't make the assumption that
everyone will join Facebook or twitter - some will have no use (or no time
or motivation) - leading to next point.

-people use technology in different ways and for different reasons: we can't
make the assumption that people will use Facebook and twitter in the same
way or for the same reasons; ie: some will use twitter to circulate/share
info (academic/industry) to their tweeps, while others will provide more
personal insight into their day (what they had for breakfast) - leading to
next point.

-we must be careful not assert/propose ways that you're 'supposed' to use
status updates. If you don't like what your network members are
posting/updating, don't read it or skip over it - don't follow them/friend
them. Creating a hierarchy of knowledge sharing or legitimizing certain
types of status updates (professional vs personal) is problematic. Most of
us filter our info daily anyway - spam, list-servs, forwards from friends
and relatives. Don't assume that you want to read & consume is the same as
everybody else. 

Having said that, in the last year I found that I started
self-police/regulate my twitter updates because of this notion of
'legitimate knowledge sharing'. In fact, I've split my online identity &
have three twitter accounts - it's challenging to say the least, but in my
mind - my audience(s) shape my online identity performance, and seemingly
fragments it....


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