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Hi all:

This came through to me just now from another one of my lists. I thought
some people might find it interesting/useful.

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*World Report on Cultural Diversity*

The newest World Report of UNESCO is focused on cultural diversity as a source
of renewal for public policies in service to development, social cohesion
and peace.

Cultural diversity is addressed in terms of dialogue, dynamics, and the new
specific challenges it may pose for languages, educational systems, news and
entertainment media and the business world.

Based on the analysis of recent initiatives, concrete examples, case studies
and successful practices, this report advances a number of pathways worth
exploring for renewing development strategies in favour of poverty
eradication, environmental action and sustainable, human-centred governance.

The World Report aims to address the manifold aspects of cultural diversity,
critically review common notions and assumptions, and propose
policy-oriented recommendations on topics as diverse as identities and
dialogue, the future of languages and intercultural education, media
pluralism and cultural industries, the business world, local knowledge,
biodiversity, sustainable development, governance and human rights.

A renewed discussion of cultural diversity – the promotion and protection of
which are supported by an array of normative instruments – is timely in
these times of crisis. The impacts of globalization (and increasing
urbanization and migration) are challenging our very understanding of
cultures and identities. In this sense, cultural diversity is a much more
complex phenomenon than it initially appears, as are the relationships
between globalization and cultural diversity. As these are facts with which
we must contend, it is of utmost importance today to create the conditions
upon which cultural diversity can become the means for ensuring dialogue and
peaceful co-existence, and sustainable and fruitful development.

While the promotion of cultural diversity has taken on increasing visibility
on the international scene, it often continues to be perceived as a threat
to the cohesion of increasingly diversified societies. Hence, the necessity
of elucidating the conditions upon which cultural diversity can constitute a
positive contribution to realizing the objectives of development and peace.

*The World Report is available on line*:

·  Full report in
 (pdf). Buy printed copies on line: UNESCO

·  Summaries (pdf):
 | French <http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0018/001847/184755F.pdf> |
Spanish <http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0018/001847/184755S.pdf> |
 | Arabic <http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0018/001847/184755A.pdf> |
Chinese <http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0018/001847/184755c.pdf>

Thank you for your attention.

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