[Air-L] More on research on "passive" social media use

Azi Lev-on el322 at nyu.edu
Fri Nov 6 08:35:00 PST 2009

Let me switch momentarily from passive to active participation in this list :) and note that quite a few references about passive participation can be found on my piece (co-authored with Russell Hardin) about collaboration online- in theJournal of Information Technology and Politics (2007), that can be found herehttp://www.azilevon.com/me/downloads/Lev-On%20Hardin%20Web%20Collaborations.pdfcheck p.12, bottom left.Thx.. Azi. -- Dr. Azi Lev-On 
Richard & Rhoda Goldman Visiting Israeli Professor, Institute for Research in the Social Sciences, Stanford University, 2009-2010 
Head of New Media Track, School of Communication, Ariel University Center, Ariel, Israel (on leave)

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