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Mary K. Bryson mary.bryson at ubc.ca
Wed Nov 11 09:39:24 PST 2009

RE: Why Retweet works the way it does

<BY: Evan Williams (born March 31, 1972) is an American entrepreneur who has
founded several Internet companies, including Pyra Labs (creator of
weblog-authoring software Blogger) and Twitter, of which he is currently

I think it's interesting that Ev <creator of Twitter> misses the most valued
function of the retweet <to this user>, which is the linkage between the
retweeter and the original author of the RT tweet - the creator of Twitter's
new modification of retweet removes the citation factor - The current
Twitter syntax of say, Richard Smith retweeting something about surveillance
and blogging makes me follow a link about say, blogging, precisely because
Richard Smith is citing it. For the URL simply to appear in my InBox from ZX
would be meaningless. This is a good example of where a tool designer fails
to talk to users about what is good about the actual design and what would
then, be lost in the supposed "improvement".

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