[Air-L] IRGO unConference 1.0: NZ Digital Futures <= almost here!

Andrew Long andrew.long at otago.ac.nz
Wed Nov 18 15:00:40 PST 2009

Hi AoIR -

Erika Pearson and I are very excited (and busy) getting ready for the IRGO (Internet
Research Group of Otago) unConference starting on Monday. The event itself is designed
to be highly interactive, participatory and hopefully engaging. We are trying to bring the
discussion back by encouraging the free flowing exchange of ideas, views, thoughts,
positions in relation to a collection of loosely defined topics (submitted by delegates).

The programme is here for the curious: http://irgo.otago.ac.nz/programme.html

We plan to document happenings any which way we can using a crack team of volunteers
with devices, ears, eyes, and Twitter. Any tools, approaches, feeds, etc. that we use will be
documented on this page: http://irgo.otago.ac.nz/centre.html

If you are not attending in person and are keen to either particpate or track discussions,
we would love to hear how you would like us to facilitate your lurking and/or contributions.

Kind regards

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 University of Otago   |   NZ |  +64 3 479 8319   |  mailto:andrew.long at otago.ac.nz

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