[Air-L] What happened to Second Life? (BBC) (Michael Gurstein)

Catherine Middleton lists at catherinemiddleton.ca
Fri Nov 20 15:22:50 PST 2009

Here's an interesting article about Telstra (Australian telco) getting  
out of Second Life, but also revoking unmetered access to Second Life  
for its broadband customers. In a country with bandwidth caps, this is  
a concern for users: “By removing the unmetered usage from Second Life  
will actually remove the ability of so many to be able to remain in  
Second Life and to be able to remain in contact with friends. Those  
that suffer from disabilities, depression, etc will once again become  
isolated. This is totally discrimination against the housebound, the  
disabled, the depressed, the gamers,” said the user, who is planning  
to take the matter to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman."


Catherine Middleton
Ryerson University
Toronto, Canada
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