[Air-L] PHD-level courses in online research methods? (Marius Johannessen & Jeroen Moes) Air-L Digest, Vol 64, Issue 32

Karen McCullagh K.McCullagh at salford.ac.uk
Tue Nov 24 16:08:27 PST 2009

Dear Marius & Jeroen,
Organising a workshop in May in Florence is a great idea!  I would be interested in participating/attending.
I have experience of conducting an online survey of bloggers and using social media e.g. Youtube to recruit participants. I have papers/presentation notes from talks I have given e.g. "Using Online Surveys in ESLR" ESRC RDI - Workshop 2: Methods & Approaches in Empirical Socio Legal Research. University of Liverpool. Jan. 2008, and 'How and why to research with online surveys', Realities, ESRC National Centre for Research Methods, University of Manchester November 2009 
I can send pdfs or copies of papers to you if you're interested?  
In the meantime, I suggest Joeren, that you have a look at the website below, as you can work through the resources in your own time:
http://www.geog.le.ac.uk/ORM/site/home.htm <https://staffwebmail.salford.ac.uk/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.geog.le.ac.uk/ORM/site/home.htm>  
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