[Air-L] QDAP/Texifter Foul Language List

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Sun Nov 29 05:58:47 PST 2009

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QDAP/Texifter Foul Language List

We are compiling a list of oaths, dirty words, racist and sexual derogatory  
and other offensive terms to build new language models and software tools.  
The notable increase in public and private threats communicated via the  
Internet to Congress and the White House makes it important to do basic  
research that identifies the precursors of aggressive or violent behavior.  
Adding your uniquely offensive contribution to the list, with an associated  
rating from 1-7, with 1 representing a mildly offensive term and 7  
representing the most foul term, will advance this work.

We are not collecting any data about the people submitting items to this  
list. The process is anonymous. The research is jointly sponsored by QDAP &  
Texifter, LLC and directed by Dr. Stuart Shulman, QDAP Director and  
Texifter President & CEO.


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