[Air-L] Food Status Updates and Twittering

Rhiannon Bury rcbury at rogers.com
Mon Nov 2 08:55:50 PST 2009

I'm sure there are contexts where food tweets can be of substance --for example, tweets from folks traveling in other cultures or from those trying to follow a 100 mile diet. But let's be honest and just call a tweet a tweet. The form and established practice lend themselves to trivial communication. As with all forms of popular communication and culture, there are associated pleasures. The real issue here in my mind is the negative value we assign to triviality. 

Rhiannon (who this morning had an egg sunny side up on kamut toast and half a red grapefruit) 

Rhiannon Bury
Assistant Professor, Women's Studies 
Athabasca University
Canada's Open University
rbury at athabascau.ca

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I also think that status updates and tweets about cooking, eating, recipes 
and meals add a richness and (imagined) physical substance to a medium that 
can is more abstract, word based and cerebral. 

You take in a post about a meal and you immediately conjure up senses: 
smell, taste, even touch--that are pleasing and missing from these forms of 

Bob Berkman
Associate Professor
Media Studies
The New School
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