[Air-L] facebook, twitter and annoyances

Suzanne Aurilio pict at rohan.sdsu.edu
Mon Nov 2 13:23:22 PST 2009

"Why is it that, when we go online, we want to optimize for the brilliant
conversations only?  Why do we want to reduce our connections down to only
one facet? Is this because of the asynchronicity?  Is it because of our
self-involvement?  Or something else?

For me it's not so much about optimizing or reductions but about being aware
of my need to calibrate my attention based on my mood, energy level and
interest. I've started playing with Twitter lists to see what effect that
has on my experience.

I also have a need for privacy, in both directions and I equate degrees of
privacy with degrees of intimacy and ultimately vulnerability, all the same
experiences we have in f2f contexts. I think I've become less tolerant of
the quirkiness of humanity because I can feel so utterly inundated with
humanity online. I should probably add that I don't own a television nor
consume American media anywhere near the average, which is to me another
form and node of involvement or in my case the lack there of.

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