[Air-L] my breakfast

Jeremy hunsinger jeremy at tmttlt.com
Tue Nov 3 03:55:12 PST 2009

There are, or at least were, as i recall many social more social lists that
did talk about things like 'what one had for breakfast?' and such.  I'm not
subscribed to them now and my current archives on this machine are only back
to 2006 in incoming, but, that said, even in those archives i have over 3500
mentions of breakfast.  I suspect in 2000, from one particular list, i would
easily have had that many in a year.   that said...  twitter isn't scholarly
communication any more than email.  either can be, neither need be and the
conventions and norms of both are far more expansive, which is why on both,
netiquette operates much the same way.  you manage your own and are not
supposed to make claims on others.  if you don't like something on twitter,
you can stop following the person, much like if you do not like something on
an email list.   for instance, i dislike it when on twitter people follow
and unfollow me repeatedly, like on email where if someone were joining and
leaving a list i manage, i could block them, on twitter, i can block them
and the problem is resolved.  thus, from my position, status updates are
much like little public emails.  they are driven by the people on the ends,
doing what they do and people following, or not.  there is little need to
reinvent the wheel of analysis on this one.

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