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Jorgen Skageby jorsk at ida.liu.se
Tue Nov 3 22:15:02 PST 2009

I published a study on FB and some of the consequences that came out of
everyday usage. I conceptualized my findings around "social metadata"-usage
and an expansion of the attention economy. Mainly, the analysis revealed use
of experimental profiles, clashes between work-and non-work-related social
metadata usage and differences in users' social investment, causing social

Skågeby, J. (2009) "Exploring Qualitative Sharing Practices of Social
Metadata: Expanding the Attention Economy", The Information Society 25(1),


I also published a related paper on the tension between public and private
self- and relationship maintenance in Flickr.

Skågeby, J. (2008) "Semi-public end-user content contributions-A case-study
of concerns and intentions in online photo-sharing", International Journal
of Human-Computer Studies 66(4), pp.287-300.


Apologies for the shameless self-promotion!

Jörgen Skågeby, PhD, Information Systems and Media

> From: Peter Timusk <ptimusk at sympatico.ca>
> Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 21:37:28 -0500
> To: List Aoir <air-l at listserv.aoir.org>
> Subject: Re: [Air-L] Food updates
> On 3-Nov-09, at 8:54 PM, Rhiannon Bury wrote:
>> And allowing one "self"  to break out into other spaces may have
>> unintended and real (as in material) consequences--the prospective
>> boss checks out your facebook page and sees the photos of your
>> "shitfaced" self at the bar.
> In my unpublished paper I read some studies done in ACM journals of
> privacy and ingredients for crimes of stalking and identity theft on
> facebook. One paper studied first year students and found that 98% to
> 99% of them did not change the default privacy settings on facebook.
> So these statements are usually it seems prefaced on the default
> settings.
> My argument is from the fact that I have changed my settings to be
> very private and the only people who view my facebook content are
> friends. Now there is one former boss, but no present boss or HR
> department or recruiting web site should be able to see me at the bar.
> I guess I am too aware as well to post such pictures. You might check
> the University of Ottawa's Tech Law program output on facebook because
> they have actually forced facebook to change privacy information. I
> attend the local tech law talks when I can.
> I do though follow the fact that I present multiple identities to
> groups of peers from different jobs, and different phases of life.
> Crossing groups like Ottawa's open source programmers with Nortel's
> security guards and then with Wobblies.
> Privacy to use a legal definition is how much we control information
> about ourselves. I think Sartre said, we know more about our self then
> others do.
> Peter Timusk,
> B.Math statistics (2002), B.A. legal studies (2006) Carleton University
> Systems Science Graduate student, University of Ottawa.
> just trying to stay linear.
> Read by hundreds of lurkers every week.
> kiitos paljon,  merci,  thank you and muchas gracias for reading.
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