[Air-L] Textbook on the social web?

RBerkman at aol.com RBerkman at aol.com
Wed Nov 11 08:47:12 PST 2009

Linda--That is a very interesting question. I have taught an introduction 
to social  media course I created for a few years now for the MA Media 
Studies program at The New School. I have found that combining chapters from a few 
of the best books together right now seems to work very well. Here is what 
I have used or still do:

* Here Comes Everybody, Clay Shirky (key text)
* The Wealth of Networks, Yochai Benkler (theory and background)
* Everything is Miscellaneous, David Weinberger (tagging and knowledge)
* Infotopia, Sunstein (Wisdom of Crowds)
* Ambiant Findability, Peter Morville (searching and finding)
* Smart Mobs, Howard Rheingold (collective behavior)
* We the Media, Dan Gilmore (impact on news, journalism, info 

And then of course there are about 30-50 articles, print and Web based 
assigned from authors like dana boyd, Jay Rosen, and many others...

Bob Berkman,
Associate Professor
Media Studies
The New School
New York NY

(some interesting novels to consider too: Little Brother and Feed)

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