[Air-L] Textbook on the social web?

Paul Caplan praxis at theinternationale.com
Thu Nov 12 00:48:27 PST 2009

I too teach the LIve Web and Social Media. I've built a site in Google Sites where I can embed videos by Jeff Jarvis ey al, link to BLog postings as well as enable my students at Birkbeck (London) to add their own findings. [http://birkbeckmedia.theinternationale.com]

To add a few other things to the booklist:

Jeff Jarvis. What Would Google DO
Chris Anderson. Free
Chris Anderson. The Long Tail
Cjharles Leadbetter. We Think
David Weuinberger. Everything is Miscellaneous
Lev Maovich. The Language of New Media
Don Tap[scott and Anthony D Williams. Wikinomics
ALexander R Galloway and Eugene Thacker The Exploit
Anthony R Galloway. Protocol
Geert Lovink. Zero Comments
Scott Lash. Critique of Information

Oh and a couple of useful bibliographies by Danah Boyd


BTW. A lot of the writers in the area have Blogs so your students can keep up to date with their work and often their books in process.


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