[Air-L] Textbook on the social web?

alex at islands.vi alex at islands.vi
Thu Nov 12 12:28:11 PST 2009

I'd be pleased to write a chapter.
Several topics come to mind.
"What would an anthropologist from the Pre-Internet era say about the
social Internet OR What Would Margaret Mead say about Social
Networking..."  Seems to be a specialty of mind to imagine what she would
have said about something she never saw... I did this in the 80's when
e-commerce was new.

"Social networking from a desert island"
"If your brain is on the Internet, your body can be anywhere"

Love to work on this project.

Alex Randall
Professor of Communication
University of the Virgin Islands

> Likewise.
> Dave Karpf
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>> I'd be happy to help.
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>> Can I suggest that those who want this great resource volunteer to lead
>> an
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