[Air-L] Facebook, Twitter and annoyances

Shobha Vadrevu shobhavadrevu at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 16:16:29 PST 2009

I am really enjoying this discussion, because of the way it merges personal
reflection with theoretical knowledge (a convergence that Twitter and
Facebook provide precisely because the same people post such widely varying
comments- from food-related ones to academia-related ones).

I wonder how much of what is posted on Twitter and Facebook is a response to
the way in which the updates are elicited. On Twitter, the question above
the comment box asks: what are you doing? Naturally people respond
accordingly. On Facebook, the question is: what's on your mind? With regard
to food, both sites get posts about culinary experiences, but perhaps they
are presented differently partly because of the way the information is
framed by the question.

Selected audience also might be a factor, as some have expressed so well on
this list. When I make a post about food, I address a part of my total
potential audience base. When I post about movies, it might be another part.
Posts about my kids go out to yet another part. The point is that people can
choose to read or to ignore. That is the beauty of social media- active

I have to say my pet peeve with regard to Twitter so far is that when people
try to squash all their ideas into 140 characters, sometimes I can't figure
out what they are actually trying to say!

Shobha Vadrevu
Masters Student
Institute of Education

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