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Shobha Vadrevu shobhavadrevu at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 16:14:44 PST 2009

Identity does possibly become redefined on Twitter and Facebook, but I think
another thing that is increasing in complexity is audience recognition of
the multiple selves that posters express. This is why choice is such an
integral part of these media. When we choose to read a post or respond to
it, we are accepting the relevance to us of that part of the self that the
poster has expressed. When we choose to skim over a post, we have made the
decision that that part of the poster's self has no relevance for us. So it
is a two-way street, with complementary assumptions regarding identities and
content relevance. Of course when the assumptions don't match, we get
threads like this one! It might be a case of the exception proving the rule.

Shobha Vadrevu
Masters Student
Institute of Education

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