[Air-L] Textbook on the social web?

Linda Elen Olsen Linda.Olsen at infomedia.uib.no
Thu Nov 12 00:59:15 PST 2009

Thank you all for some great suggestions to litterature on the social web!! :)

I will go through the suggestions and make a list, which I'll be happy to post here afterwards if anyone are interested!


Best regards,
Linda Elen Olsen 

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>I too teach the LIve Web and Social Media. I've built a site 
>in Google Sites where I can embed videos by Jeff Jarvis ey al, 
>link to BLog postings as well as enable my students at 
>Birkbeck (London) to add their own findings. 
>To add a few other things to the booklist:
>Jeff Jarvis. What Would Google DO
>Chris Anderson. Free
>Chris Anderson. The Long Tail
>Cjharles Leadbetter. We Think
>David Weuinberger. Everything is Miscellaneous
>Lev Maovich. The Language of New Media
>Don Tap[scott and Anthony D Williams. Wikinomics
>ALexander R Galloway and Eugene Thacker The Exploit
>Anthony R Galloway. Protocol
>Geert Lovink. Zero Comments
>Scott Lash. Critique of Information
>Oh and a couple of useful bibliographies by Danah Boyd
>BTW. A lot of the writers in the area have Blogs so your 
>students can keep up to date with their work and often their 
>books in process.
>Paul Caplan
>praxis at theinternationale.com
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