[Air-L] Ethics and Online Presentation?

Åsa Rosenberg asa.rosenberg at sociology.gu.se
Thu Nov 12 15:15:04 PST 2009

Maybe I misunderstand something in your question here but what journals or
books publish participant narratives for general (you mean general public?)
use? The difference between publishing a quote (anywhere) as part of an
academic text and publishing raw research data is that the quote is selected
for a particular purpose and comes with a suggested interpretation. Such
selection and explanation of quotes involves caring for participants stories
for example by not choosing quotes that misrepresent them and not "taking
things out of context" but it also normally involves anonymizing. Sharing
raw data with a general public can in my opinion only be done under the
condition that participants were aware that the data would be made public,
that they understand the consequences of this (no control over who uses it
or how it may be interpreted) and that one is sure that no harm could come
of it. One would also have to take in to consideration the methodological
dilemma of how people may (or should I say will) alter their stories if they
know that they are going to be available to a general public.


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Dear All,

I am currently helping Dr. Koelsch from Duquesne University do research on
the ethics related to the online presentation of participant narratives.  I
would love to get input from the AoIR group on the relevant research on this
topic. Specifically, I am interested in the following:

    1)  Is there precedent for putting narratives on an online site for
general use?

    2)  If not, what might be some ethical issues that would differentiate
the confidentiality of narratives in an online space from those that are
published in a book or journal?

Any leads would be appreciated!

Amy Barackman, M.A.
Graduate Student
Duquesne University
Pittsburgh, PA 15282
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