[Air-L] Computer usage by low-income people in emerging countries

Jayr Pimentel jayrpimentel at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 1 11:08:23 PDT 2009

Dear all,
I am curretly studying how low-income people have been using computers at home (i.e. applications like internet browsers, e-mail, msn, skype, facebook, office package, twitter, dowloading, blogging etc) as an attempt to understand social inequalities reproduction and digital inclusion. I am currently investigating Brazil, where low-income people have now enough money to buy computers due to credit availability (I may shift my attention to India and China afterwards). I would appreciate if any of you send me any hints in terms of related bibliography I should not miss like books, articles, papers, etc. Any contacts you know they are currently working on the following areas: computer usage, inequalities, digital inclusion, computer and social interaction and computer versus other electronic devices (like mobile phones) are very welcome.
I am currently doing the ethnographic part of the project so I would be glad to share some initial findings with those colleagues interested in. Also, I can send my project's abstract and interview guides for those who may want to have a look at them.
Thanks in advance,
Jay Pimentel
Masters - Department of Sociology
University of Sao Paulo
jayrpimentel at hotmail.com

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