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My thanks for the response; small amendments made to blog so that it is a slightly better historical record (remember it was live blogging) :).
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On 10/11/09 2:43 PM, "Matthew Allen" <M.Allen at exchange.curtin.edu.au> wrote:

> For everyone not able to be at the Annual General Meeting of AoIR, a rough
> approximation can be found at
> http://www.netcrit.net/events/aoir-annual-general-meeting/
> There is, however, no way I am blogging anything about the banquet :).

What happens in Milwaukee, stays in Milwaukee ...

very nice blog, Matt - thanks!  I would also add, at the risk of
seriousness, that insofar as our meetings and conversations approach
something like (gentle warning to Terri Senft, who's on record for banning
the term 'public sphere' from AoIR conferences ...: I know you won't be
happy with me using the phrase ... smile) a public sphere,
they do so in ways that reflect, in my view, important critical revisions of
the purely rational version thereof in early Habermas.
As one example my colleague May Thorseth (NTNU, Trondheim) has (among
others) critiqued and extended that early version in light of the work of
Hannah Arendt, Iris Marion Young, and others, in order to recognize the
legitimacy and significance of the emotive and the narrative as well.
E.g., Nancy Baym's recalling for us a founding story ...

(Terri - you'll like the part about how May draws a good chunk of this from
Kant's third Critique! [As do, FWIW, several of the other articles in the
special issue.])

Thorseth, May. 2008. Reflective judgment and enlarged thinking online.
_Ethics and Information Technology_, Volume 10, Number 4.
DOI:   10.1007/s10676-008-9166-6
Pages: 221-231

- charles ess
Past President (and thereby now a member of AoIR's jedi ghosts ...)

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