[Air-L] AoIR 2009 Official Financial Report -short - in case you were not at the AoIR GM in Milwaukee

Monica Murero murero.monica at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 14:19:24 PDT 2009

We all have reasons to be proud of our association ...
Enjoy a more and more solid AoIR  financial status  with  + 400% money  
in our bank  since 2005 (when I started my office as  Treasurer !)
Curious AoIRs ;-)  feel free to ask further details about the 2009  
Annual Report.

It took  us several months to put together IR 10.0 . Glad to hear that  
people enjoyed it (also a financial success).
Many thanks to Steve Jones who presented the Financial Report on my  
behalf  in MIlwaukee, and thanks to all great people who helped make  
our finances look so good over the years.

See you  in  Göteborg for IR11.0  and here!


Monica Murero  (AoIR Treasurer, 2005-2009) 

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