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jeremy hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Fri Oct 16 08:07:17 PDT 2009

sort of sad that they  have no social,cultural,political, economic,  
comm, media, etc. researchers on the speaker list that i see.   at  
least we see where they think our work fits into the future i guess:(

> On October 29, 2009, UCLA Engineering will celebrate the 40th  
> anniversary of the Internet with a Symposium that focuses not on the  
> history or even on the technology, but rather on the impact the  
> Internet has had on society, business, communities, lifestyles,  
> culture, etc., and on the likely directions it will take in the  
> future.
> Forty years ago, a team led by UCLA's Professor Leonard Kleinrock,  
> sent the first message on the ARPANET, which later became the  
> Internet. The Internet has revolutionized communication, education,  
> business and entertainment leading to dramatic changes in our  
> social, political and economic lives.
> What's next? The event's featured Internet leaders, activists and  
> analysts will offer valuable insights on the opportunities and  
> pitfalls that lie ahead.  Please check the website http://www.engineer.ucla.edu/IA40/index.html 
>  for detailed information.
> During this event, an IEEE Milestone Award will be unveiled by IEEE  
> President John R. Vig.
> The keynote address will be given by Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman  
> of One Laptop Per Child.
> Other Featured Speakers include:
> Arianna Huffington, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post
> John Taylor, Co-Founder & Bassist, Duran Duran
> John Perry Barlow, Co-Founder & Vice Chairman, Electronic Frontier  
> Foundation
> Shiva Shivakumar, Vice President, Google, Inc.
> Michael Morhaime & Frank Pearce, Co-Founders, Blizzard Entertainment
> Mark Bregman, Chief Technology Officer, Symantec
> Thomas Gewecke, President of Digital Distribution, Warner Brothers
> Regina Dugan, Director, DARPA
> Gary Bridge,SVP, Cisco
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