[Air-L] Sharing the knowledge about politicians' use of SNS during local elections

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Dear all,

as asked by several AoIRs, I share the very helpful and inspiring replies I
received to my info request about politicians' use of SNS during local

*George Lessard* suggested to have a look at SNS' use during Yellowknife
local elections, such as:

   - www.cbc.ca/canada/north/story/2009/10/19/yknife-elex-races.html
   - www.falvo.ca/

*Andreas Jungherr*, Bamberg University, recently wrote a research (chapter
in a forthcoming book) on the way German politicians use Twitter.

*Sharon Haleva-Amir*, University of Haifa, tracked MKs activities over
Facebook, which is widely common in Israel. Her findings are in a chapter of
a forthcoming book, written in Hebrew (Sharon Haleva-Amir, "Present -
Absentees: MK's Usage of Personal Internet Tools", in Erez Cohen & Azi
Lev-On (eds.) *Technology, Society and Politics*, Jerusalem: Magnes Press).
Among other things, she has discovered that FB was one of many parallel
channels electoral candidates used (i.e. youtube, twitter, picasa, national
SNS, Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace etc.). Another finding is that the Israeli
Elctoral Candidates Facebook usage was twice as much as their usage of
personal websites (50% of MKs - 60 MKs had a personal profile and/or
political page in facebook; while personal websites usage was approx 25%).

*Paolo Massa *suggested to have a look at Mr. Lorenzo Dellai campaign during
local elections in Trento, Italy:

   - www.gnuband.org/2008/11/13/dellai20_italian_politics_in_time_of_web/

*South **Korea*
*Han Woo Park*, YeungNam University, is working on the research project
“Investigating Internet-based Politics using e-Research Tools”. He published
several articles on politicians' use of SNS.

*The Netherlands*
*Maurice Vergeer*, Radboud University, is investigating politicians' use of
Twitter in Holland.

*Mutlu Binark* conducted the research “Facebook: As a Social Networking
Site: ‘Videor ergo sum’”. The aim is the analysis of social networking sites
(SNSs) in order to study social organizations, privacy issue, practices of
voyeurism, surveillance, and showing up, virtual relationships, identity
practices, individual performances, and representation of this new
communication medium in mainstream media.

Hope it helps. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further




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 2009/10/19 Daria Santucci <webcampaigning.lab at gmail.com>

> Dear all,
> I am looking for some interesting case-studies on politicians' use of
> social networks during local elections. Do you have anything to suggest?
> Case-studies/researches from all over the world are welcome... thanks!
> Regards,
> Daria

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