[Air-L] Interviewing via MSN

Becker, C. (Carmen) c.becker at rs.ru.nl
Tue Oct 27 11:28:08 PDT 2009

Dear all,

I am in the middle of my phd research/fielwork on media practices of young Muslims in Germany and the Netherlands who are inspired by Salafism. My research involves among other things participant observation in chat rooms and also Internet forums. I have done quite some (offline) interviews with both, men and women. Some men that I know from Islamic chat rooms would like to participate in interviews. However, their understanding of Islam does not allow them to talk to women that are not related to them by family. They offered to talk to me via msn (or paltalk).

I would like to prepare myself and I am looking for some literature expanding on the methodology and ethcial questions of online interviews (via synchronous chat). I would be happy about any recommendation from the list. 

Thanks a lot in advance!


Carmen Becker

Radboud University Nijmegen
Postbus 9103
The Netherlands

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